Real People.Real Results

GIRL I just wanted to let you know I just used the oatmeal scrub and its AMAZING.

I am bringing in the New Year with AMAZING skin. I definitely will be ordering more once I run out (which is soon lol)

                         - Sonia

My biggest problem with my face was my acne scars. No matter what I tried (even chemical peels), they were not going away. I've only used the lemon bar for a week and I already see amazing results!

                                - Neha

This is a game changer for me. I was struggling to find a natural soap that was gentle enough for intimate areas. This Peppa Chia bar leaves me feeling clean and odorless.


                             - Jenifer A.



Growing up with unmarried parents was not easy. I turned all my spare time as an only child to create and focus on what kept me at peace. I utilized my free time creating unique drawings, writing poems and experimenting with natural ingredients, (as I am not fond of harmful chemicals).


As a model, I did not want to hide how I actually looked, and suffered with occasional acne. I used many different well known market brand skin care products that irritated, dried my skin, smelled awful at times and didn’t provide moisture. Therefore, I decided to start making my own skincare products. I begin seeing positive changes in my skin complexion and texture in just a matter of days! Maintaining healthy skin is important for a healthy body.


My goal is to help everyone enhance their skin naturally. No longer hiding our skin, but discovering the beauty, the natural, the bare you. Join me on this journey to discover our bare beauty. Express. Embrace. Accept the bare you.

" Only you know the real you."

- Ayan 





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