Ayan Miller is the owner of Barefaced, a Boston based, skincare line that focuses on discovering the bare you. She turned all her spare time as an only child to create and focus on what kept her at peace. Ayan utilized her free time experimenting with natural ingredients.
 As a model, she did not want to hide her flaws, and suffered with occasional acne. She used many different well known market brand skin care products that irritated, dried her skin, smelled awful at times and didn’t provide moisture. Therefore, she decided to start making her own skincare products. She began seeing positive changes in her skin complexion and texture in just a matter of days! 
 Ayan's goal is to help everyone enhance their skin naturally. No longer hiding your skin, but discovering the beauty, the natural, the bare you. Join us on this journey to discover our bare beauty. Express. Embrace. Accept the bare you.
" Only you know the real you."
- Ayan M